Cover Letter for Sarah Zecchini

Creative Dynamo!

I chose to present in this format, a landing page linked to the cover letter and the CV, because I am SO excited at the thought of taking on this role that I wanted to build something completely tailored to you guys. I am very excited to learn more about this opportunity!

Bit of an Intro

My name is Sarah Zecchini and I'm from Houston Texas. I have been in this great state of Oregon the last 7 years now and since this newfound exposure to, uh, nature?, I have learned that one of my favorite things in the world is going to the rivers and jumping off cliffs and waterfalls.

I am an artist at heart, through and through. It determines how I view and react to the world around me, and adds a bit of color to it, I'd say. I love helping those around me, which is why I've fallen in love with Advocacy and Support roles. Most of my experience is building my own design business and volunteer work (which you'll see detailed on my CV) I always seem to find myself in the middle of some fantastic art project! 

I am now focusing on my painting and showcasing in galleries near and far, and finding a position that inspires me and encourages me to use my creativity and project management skills. 

My Interest in Joining Your Team

One of my FAVORITE aspects of design work is the branding and prep for marketing. I love creating that look, and then stitching everything into it to match perfectly - master color, fonts, and processes! Organization is my thing. Why? Because I am a nerd for efficiency! 

The strengths I have that I believe would be ideal for this position:

  • Project Management - I am someone who is used to juggling many projects at once and never missing a deadline. I am organized and love building workflows to optimize my time and potential.
  • Passion - I am highly motivated and driven. When invested, I give my all to the task at hand, whether it's a process I've perfected or one I have never done before. I love to learn.
  • Web/Digital Marketing - For years, I ran my own successful photography studio, the success of which was determined on my brand and how I presented it. I learned most through of it through trial and error, and here I am! 

I am interested in working either Full or Part time, and I am incredibly flexible. I would seek $16-18/hourly, however would be open to discussion and based on what exactly the work would entail. 

In short - I would love to take on this challenge with you guys and show you how irreplaceable I am.

Thank you again for taking the time to review my credentials for consideration.  I am absolutely thrilled to hear back, and share how I believe I could contribute to the team. My CV is linked below. Please don't hesitate with any question or concerns. You can view my own work here on my website.

Have a fantastic day,

Sarah Zecchini