I remember visiting when I was in the 3rd grade - Disneyland, church, playing the piano. 

My grandmother passed away October 11, 2017. I painted this for my grandfather - her wedding portrait with gardenias

I remember feeling loved, even though it was the first time I could remember meeting. My grandparents took us everywhere that week. It's one of my favorite memories. 

I remember when I was driving to Oregon with my entire life packed into my old PT Cruiser. I remember again, how welcomed I was. I've always been an uneasy sort of person. But this was easy. I remember my grandparents took me to dinner, and I met a lot of family I had not a lot of recollection of. I remember, smiling, watching grampa playfully pushed you around in your wheelchair that night at the restaurant, as we were heading home for the evening...and the way you two looked at eachother. So much love. Your love and dedication to each other and your family inspire me. Always has. I felt this other part of me snap into place. Another wonderful memory.

My favorite memory of you though, was your kindness. I will always remember that. 

I will always remember you.