I remember visiting when I was in the 3rd grade - Disneyland, church, playing the piano. 

My grandmother passed away October 11, 2017. I painted this for my grandfather - her wedding portrait with gardenias

I remember feeling loved, even though it was the first time I could remember meeting. My grandparents took us everywhere that week. It's one of my favorite memories. 

I remember when I was driving to Oregon with my entire life packed into my old PT Cruiser. I remember again, how welcomed I was. I've always been an uneasy sort of person. But this was easy. I remember my grandparents took me to dinner, and I met a lot of family I had not a lot of recollection of. I remember, smiling, watching grampa playfully pushed you around in your wheelchair that night at the restaurant, as we were heading home for the evening...and the way you two looked at eachother. So much love. Your love and dedication to each other and your family inspire me. Always has. I felt this other part of me snap into place. Another wonderful memory.

My favorite memory of you though, was your kindness. I will always remember that. 

I will always remember you.


 Milady, 4.5x6.5" marker and gel pen

Milady, 4.5x6.5" marker and gel pen

Little sketch I ended up loving so much I ended up finishing! This is just the concept drawing, and I am proud that I didn't sketch in pencil beforehand ^^

 I've recognized that I've been drawn to markers and gel pens lately and less watercolors. I like to lay a color down, block in the basic shapes, and then draw over it with a white gel pen to pull the pigment out and spread it around with the more viscous white, then go over it in detail with the finer tip of the marker. Sometimes I'll make several passes over different areas, alternating the two, blending and detailing, blending and detailing. I love this color, I've used this marker in a majority of my work the last year. art, yay! Annnddd more to come, likely a watercolor with marker and pen detailing ^^ 


It's Alive!

If you hadn't known, I had to allow my previous gallery to expire due to costs of hosting/domain at bluehost. It was an incredibly difficult decision because I poured my heart into building that website, meticulously designing my e-shop, and having an online home for my work  to direct friends, family, fans, and prospective clients to. And I really did love the Bluehost/Wordpress combo. It was just far to expensive to keep up with what I needed.

So today I am so thrilled to unveil my new website, hosted by Squaresapce - far for suited for my desires regarding cost and capability. HUZZAH!

 Here's a cute picture of my pup Moxxi and I, because why not?!

Here's a cute picture of my pup Moxxi and I, because why not?!

The website is still being worked on and the domain transfer is still in progress BUT I've laid the basics down for now.  And hopefully by tomorrow, my domain will go back to . Expect more in the coming weeks!

My heart!

In the meantime, did you know and I created a magazine with my friend Neebin? Check out all 7 issues below!